Always on time

It does not matter what kind of a load you want to deliver with MAKO VAN EXPRESS it will always be on time. We care about quality, safety and customer satisfaction. For many years we specialize in international transport, you can see our trucks on roads throughout whole Europe. We have lorries(GVW 40t) and vans(GVW3,5t) and the average age of them is just 2 years. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS monitoring system which shows position, velocity or engine load. Thanks to that in every moment we know where is our cargo, we can also estimate the arrival time.

With who do we cooperate?

We cooperate with both global companies and individual Customers, which care about safeness and punctuality of cargo delivery throughout whole Europe.

Trust professionals

With our vans we provide express deliveries and small size cargos. To carry greater loads we use our lorries. To increase safety of our loads we use modern safety solutions like Lane Assist and Active Breaking Assist.


Our experienced drivers and freight forwarders take care about punctuality of all of our deliveries. Via IT systems our freight forwarders monitor position of vehicles, impediments on the road or velocity. Modern and regularly serviced fleet exclude the possibility of delay due to unexpected malfunction.