See how we care
about environment

For MAKO VAN EXPRESS time for ecological solutions is now. Important part of our ecological actions is protection of peoples health and of nature that surround us. We are aware of vehicles influence on the environment and we are trying to limit their harmful effects on our lives.

Our vehicles makes tens of thousands of kilometers and that is why we always choose the most ecological models. All of our trucks meet the most strict exhaust emission standards-EURO6.

Furthermore they are also the most fuel efficient cars in their category, equipped with aerodynamic sets and low rolling resistance tires. To reduce fuel consumption our whole fleet use a system that helps the driver to follow the eco driving rules. Indispensable factor to reach the full potential of our fleet is the experience of our drivers.

DEF-friend of the nature

To minimize emission of harmful nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere MAKO’s lorries are always equipped with SCR system which with DEF help decompose harmful compounds to harmless nitrogen and steam.